2024 Organizational Needs

2024 Organizational Needs: These items help us achieve our goals as an organization. Below is a list of items needed for this year.


Land or Private Practice Facility Would allow all TCW programs to practice at a designated facility which would allow countless benefits. TBD
Sponsor an Athlete/Financial Assistance Fund $100-$15,000 There are many students that would love the opportunity to participate in our homeschooled football program that may not be in a financial position to do so. TCW would love to be able to offer participation to them. $15,000
5-Man LEV Blocking Sled - 2 Needed ($4262.50 ea) One of the most important pieces of equipment that football teams could employ during the season is a blocking sled which teaches players to get off the football, and strike the pads with some force. $8,525
Fisher Crash Pads - $100 - $4000 Used for landings in Tackling Drills and Cheer Stunting $4,000
TSBN Sports LiveStream partnership $1500-$3000 LiveStream allows family and all those not able to travel to games the opportunity to still watch - on air sponsorship opportunities will also be available. $3,000
20 Gal Portable Hydration Station Proper Hydration for every Athlete is a must $2,025
Competition Team Choreography Team Choreography for Competitions $1,500
Video Broadcast Equip - 2 cameras & 2 mics 2 Video Cameras & 2 Microphones $1,000
Tackling Dummies (4) Teaches footwork, hand placement, and reduces head injury. $800
Sony Video camera - Sideline Hudl Needed for game/practice videoing $250
Pan / Tilt Joystick Needed for game/practice videoing $250
Snacks / Drinks - $150 per game The reduction in costs will go back to supporting the program to help provide Scholarships and lower registration fees. $150
New endzone camera remote and HDMI cables Needed for game/practice videoing $110
Half Time hydration drinks - $75 per game Drinks will be provided to players and coaches during halftime. $75


Thank you for your consideration!


Please contact: Chris Teter - Board of Directors Vice President