The Warriors is an athletic organization for homeschoolers. Each athlete's education must be PARENT DIRECTED and at least 51% of the athlete's course work must be provided at home. Additionally, athletes must:

  • live with their parent/legal guardian
  • not have participated in any form of a high school graduation ceremony


If you are new to homeschooling or transferring to the Warriors for any reason, you must meet with the Warriors Athletic Director before practicing with your respective team.


Each player is required to pass a Sports Physical prior to the first practice and file a copy with the Warriors. If the athlete has one on file with the Warriors, it cannot be older than January 1, of the current year.

AGE GROUPS (by Sept 1st Of The Current Year):

Varsity Football: less than 19 years old by September 1 and is a high school student

JV or Varsity Cheer: 14 - 18 years old

Junior Varsity Football: 14 - 15 years old

Jr High Football: 12-14 years old; must not be 15 years old on or before September 1 and must be a junior high student

Jr High Cheer: 11-13 years old

Flag Football : 10-11 (5th-6thGrades) / 8-9 (3rd-4thGrades)



$1480 - Varsity Football

$1260 - JV or Varsity Cheer

$1480 - Junior Varsity Football

$1380 - Jr High Football 

$1600 - Jr High Cheer

$199 - Flag Football

Returning Athlete

$680 - Player (Already own helmet/pads)

$680 - JH Player (without rentals)

*$330 registration due upon registration and Balance due-in-full by the first practice. $165 for Cheer

**Uniform equipment costs will vary by program and additional in some cases.

Team fees can be raised through paid sponsorships/fundraising as available each season. Sponsorships cannot go to a specific player and cannot be used for equipment and uniforms etc. Sponsors receive various ad space/marketing options described in the tiered sponsorship document.

PRACTICES (Late July - Mid November):

Varsity / Junior Varsity – MON, TUE, THUR, FRI – 5:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. except for game nights. WED - 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Game film review on Monday nights once games start and will last until 8:30..

Jr High – MON, TUE, THUR, FRI – 5:00 p.m.- 7:30pm except for game nights, including varsity game nights. WED - 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Varsity plays 9-10 regular season games and 2 postseason games at the National Homeschool Football Association Tournament in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Junior Varsity plays 8-10 regular season games.

Jr High plays 8-9 regular season games.

See TEAM SCHEDULES in the right sidebar for a complete practice and season schedule. The schedule will be posted in early July each year.


The Warriors do not guarantee equal playing time. Jr High and JV / Varsity teams are competitive and playing-time is merited based on ability, attitude, game & practice performance. All playing time is awarded at the discretion of the coach(s).


As part of the New Player registration fees, the player  will be issued practice and game uniforms, knee pads, and a football girdle.  We recommend that you purchase a helmet and shoulder pads through the Warriors if you do not already own each of those.  This is so that we can verify the quality of the pads/helmet.  If you bring your own helmet or shoulder pads, they must be approved by the athletic director for correct size and quality.  If approved, some of the registration fees can be reduced.  Junior High has the option to rent helmets and shoulder pads in order to reduce the cost of entry.  Varsity rentals will be considered after the Junior High families have been covered.  

Mouthpiece/Guard is the responsibility of each player.

Cleats (must be black, white, navy, or orange football cleats), equipment bag, undergarments, gloves, elbow pads, ankle braces, specialized gear, etc. are the responsibility of each player.

Families are required to reimburse the Warriors for replacing any lost equipment that was rented/loaned to the player while it is in the player's care.


The Warriors play games as far away as Oklahoma, Louisiana, and throughout Texas. A parent/legal guardian must accompany players while the team is traveling unless acceptable arrangements have been made in advance. It is the responsibility of each player to make proper travel arrangements. This includes the trip to Panama City, Florida, in November. The Warriors DO NOT provide a team bus.


The Warriors Varsity team (including JV) participates in the National Homeschool Football Association Tournament in Panama City Beach, Florida, the Wed-Sat before Thanksgiving every November. Varsity players are expected to make every effort to participate in this tournament. Travel expenses are not included in the player's fees but can be raised via the Warriors sponsorship/fundraising program. Family members are welcome and many Warriors families make the trip to Florida an annual tradition. The Warriors typically have 150+ players, cheerleaders, and family members, make the trip each season.


The Warriors carry general liability insurance. Medical insurance is NOT provided.


The Warriors are a volunteer organization. Your help is needed. The Warriors are always in need of people who will: Coach, Assistant Coach, Run Game Clock, Keep Stats, Video recording of the games, Coordinate Fundraisers, Coordinate Concessions & Gate at games, Operate the Down Marker and Chains at games, Run Water Stations during practice and games, Provide half time snacks/gatorade for players, Coordinate year-end parties, and banquets, etc.


The Warriors communicate exclusively through TeamSnap, website, and social media. Check your email regularly, or opt in for the app notifications. If you don’t, you will miss something.

Tomball Christian Warriors is a 501-C-3 organization founded on Christian principles.

Financial Disclosures

2024 Budget Estimate


Football $91,300

  • Field Rental - $23,500
  • Referees and Security - $4,455
  • Uniforms - $22,500
  • Team/Player Equipment/Supplies - $24,245
  • Training - $3,500
  • Hudl/TeamSnap/Insurance - $6,600
  • Other Misc. - $6,500

Cheer $60,775

  • Uniforms - $18,500
  • Competition Team $16,500
  • Cheer Camp  $20,000
  • Other Misc.  $5,775


Events $17,700

  • HOCO - $7,5000
  • Awards Banquet - $7,000
  • Other events - $3,200

Organization and Admin $35,465

  • Legal and Professional - $13,250
  • Advertising and Media - $8,525
  • Fundraising / Sponsor Expenses - $2,100
  • Meeting Expenses - $2,500
  • Other Misc. - $9,090

Total Expense Estimate $205,240 


Football Program Fees - $87,600

Game Admissions - $4,800

Cheer Program Fees - $55,750

Events - $24,200

Merchandise and Concessions - $7,750

Fundraising Target  $10,640

Sponsorship Target $14,500

Total Income $205,240

Total Expense $205,240