I’m Claire Alderson, a Junior High cheerleader for the Tomball Christian Warriors. When I joined the cheer team two years ago, I didn’t know anything about football, and honestly, I didn't care. I had joined cheer to be a cheerleader, not to watch football.

At the start of my second year as a cheerleader, I started picking up on the basics. My dad, who is a coach for the Junior Varsity, and my two older brothers, who are high school players, taught me almost everything I know about football. I began going to their games to watch them on the field, not just see my friends. I remember once I asked my dad to explain the different positions of the offensive line and he laid them out with ketchup and mustard packets in the middle of a fast food restaurant. Now, I enjoy watching practices and have conversations about football. In this opportunity as a student reporter, I am very excited to mix two things I enjoy: talking about football and writing.