About the author: Hi! I’m Claire Alderson, the sideline reporter for the Tomball Christian Warriors’ 2023-2024 Junior Varsity season. I have been a part of the TCW community since my oldest brother, Jack, joined the football team five years ago. Two years later, I became a Warrior athlete when I joined the Junior High Cheer Team. I am now a cheerleader on the JV Cheer squad and the TCW competitive cheer squad. My family is completely involved with TCW, and finds the Warriors as our main source of community. Much of my football knowledge comes from the instruction of my dad and brothers. My two older brothers have played TCW football since Junior High and my dad has coached for TCW for several years.

When I first did cheer, three years ago, I didn't care to watch football. Throughout the years, I gradually learned more with the help of my dad. The more I understood about the sport, the more I grew to enjoy watching it. In 2022, I had the opportunity go to the Texan’s opening game. Seeing the game from a higher elevation, really helped me understand the structure in different plays, and how the different positions all contribute. Last year, I took a big leap and became the student reporter for the 2022-2023 Junior High Football season. I enjoyed writing articles so much that I decided to be the JV reporter this season. I am very blessed by God with the opportunity I have to combine two of my interests: football and writing.