Dress Code

Young Ladies:

● Hemlines or slits must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee (measure from top of knee while standing).

● Spaghetti and strapless gowns are permitted.

● The tops to all dresses must fully cover the breast area. Excessive cleavage is not allowed. 

● No plunging necklines, visible midriffs, or cutouts below the traditional bra line.

● Dress may not be lower than mid back. Please be careful that no undergarments such as bra straps are visible.

● No tight fitting, tube like dresses that adhere to your thighs are permitted.

● Appropriate undergarments should be worn.

● No see-through areas in the dress or areas made to look see-through. 

● Fabric inserts and pinning of dresses are allowed but must remain intact throughout the duration of your attendance at homecoming.

● No visible tattoos or piercings other than pierced ears.

● Appropriate dress shoes should be worn; no tennis shoes, TOMS, or boots.

● Jackets, sweaters or other garments may NOT be used to cover a dress which IS inappropriate.

● When trying on dresses, move in them to assure that they will stay within dress code throughout the night and that it is dance


Per request, examples of appropriate and inappropriate dress can be provided:  bwehmeyer@tcwarriors.org


● Dress pants, button-up dress shirt, and tie are required.
● Suit jacket or sport coats are preferred but not mandatory.
● No jeans are allowed.
● No opened toed shoes are permitted.
● No bandannas, baseball caps, or informal hats should be worn.
● Dress shoes or cowboy boots are acceptable footwear (no tennis shoes or slippers).

We will be checking at the door for the above dress code guidelines. If your dress doesn’t adhere to these guidelines, you will be asked to leave or call home and have your parents come get you. Throughout the night,