Congratulations to all of our young men and women! Though it was a rainy day we were glad to still be able to continue to show the world God’s gifts in our youth through Football and Cheer. Spring ball was definitely one to remember! We can’t wait to come back later this summer and be together with our Warrior Family once again! We’d like to thank all of our coaches for preparing our young men and women this Spring and helping set a foundation for the new season ahead.

We’d also like to congratulate all of our Raffle Winners tonight! We have a list of all of our winners and the athletes that sold those tickets below.

As promised because the Warriors won tonight, the Bucket hats have been dropped on the store and are now available for purchase. These will be a limited time order. All of our new Spirit Gear is also still available to order until May 25th! So get those orders in and we’ll have your merch available before the first scrimmage.

We’d like to thank all of the parents and families for coming out and supporting the teams tonight!

Please join me in also thanking our Blue/Orange Game committee and all of the volunteers that made this event such a success.

Raffle Winners:

  1. Adam’s Pest Control Gift Certificate – Grace Kloesel (Kloesel)
  2. Bath Hut Boutique Gift Set – Kevin Wehmeyer (Katie Wehmeyer)
  3. State Inspection Certificate – 2 – Christi Robertson (M. McDaniel)
  4. Fish Gear Gift Set – Kathy Feske (C. Urick)
  5. Box of Hand Crafted Cards – Joni Fahrenholtz (A. Amato)
  6. Hand Roasted Coffee Gift Set – Sharon Campbell (Harmon)
  7. Framed Picture of Jesus – Tom Neff (C. Burke)
  8. Box of Hand Crafted Cards – Stavinoha (Stavinoha)
  9. Fire Ant Brew Pub Gift Set – Kalina (Wilson)
  10. Mrs Meyer’s Cleaning Gift basket – Danielle DeCarlo (J. Robbins)
  11. Box of Hand Crafted Cards – Jorge (D. Scheringer)
  12. State Park Pass & Hunting Fanny Pack – Carl Adams (T. Rosenbusch)
  13. State Inspection Certificate – 2 – Stavinoha (Stavinoha)
  14. Academy Gift Card and TCW Swag – Cyndie Norwood (J. Brietzke)
  15. Tomball Restaurant Tour – Chase Garrett (K. Jergenson)
  16. Bio Scan Gift Certificate – Cesar Marroquin (S. Marroquin)
  17. Brookwood Gift Card & TCW Swag – Heather Brown (H. Brown)
  18. Texas Roadhouse Basket – Cora DeCastro (Justin Resurreccion)
  19. Hebrews Community Coffee Company Gift Card – Matt Becker (J. Stutz)
  20. Sunrise Chiropractic First Visit Certificate – Lindsey Anderson (P. Anderson)
  21. Academy Gift Card & TCW Swag – WC Cherry (Mitchell Rother)
  22. Movie Night Gift Set – Kat Fox (M. McDaniel)
  23. Gardening Basket – Thomas Atkinson (C. Urick)
  24. Ooni Koda Gas Powered Pizza Oven – Christi Pramudji (RE Bowling)
  25. Coffee Gift basket – Kelly Powell (A. Brietzke)
  26. Game Night Basket – David McNally (E. Morris)
  27. Beauty Counter Spa Gift Basket – Leah Lockhart (Nora Bell Anderson)
  28. Spring’s BEST Kids Summer Camp – Brittani Cohen (R. Walker)
  29. IAMFAMILY (Spring’s Birthday Party) Deluxe Birthday Party Certifcate – Linda Durham (I Carias)
  30. Box of Hand Crafted Card – Amy Creston (E. Morris)
  31. State Inspection Certificate -2 – Angie Pellerin (A. Pellerin)
  32. Pair of Outdoor GCI Rockers – Cheryl Coleman (H. Brown)
  33. Pappas Family Restaurants Gift Card – Sara Cooley (E. Morris)
  34. House Cleaning Certificate – Steven Janssen (K Yow)
  35. IPad – Karl Waitz (Waitz)
  36. IAMFAMILY Martial Arts 4 Week Starter Course – D&D Feed (D. Jergenson)
  37. Box of Hand Crafted Cards – Connie Brooker (N. Brooker)
  38. RTIC Cooler Gift set – David Sixta (T. Rosenbusch)
  39. Sunrise Chirpractic First Visit Certificate – Rebecca Liepman (Kloesel)
  40. Custom Dental Bleach Tray – Cassie Padilla (R. Walker)
  41. State Inspection Certificate -2- Steven Harris (J. Wilkins)
  42. Bath & Body Works Gift set – Steve Bartz (N. Marinelli)
  43. Baking Basket – Linda Bell (W. Cseszko)
  44. Breakfast Basket – Berry Campbell (Harmon)
  45. Hebrews Community Coffee Company Gift Card – Jeff @ D&D Feed (A. Gruwell)
  46. Academy Gift Card & Rehydrate Electrolytes – Katie Thompson (RE Bowling)
  47. State Inspection Certificate -2 – Joyelle Wright (Hippel)
  48. Tile Sticker Bluetooth Tracker – Becky Szutkwski (E Rice)
  49. Renaissance Shooting Club Membership – Eddy Skiles (D. Jergenson)
  50. LUV Coffee Basket – Gideon Fowler (S. Fowler)
  51. Beach Basket – Morgan Crumm (A. Amato)
  52. VISA GC and Swag – Brennan (W Watkins)


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