Hello TCW Families & Athletes,

As you are well aware, preparation spiritually helps defend us against Satan’s attacks.  Similarly, physical preparation during the offseason strengths us to compete against our opponents throughout the fall.  We cannot stress enough how vital offseason training is for our athletes.  Training helps us grow physically and mentally for the tough season ahead.  It also helps to minimize injuries.

If you are interested in joining an organized training program to prepare for fall football please contact Stephanie Clark at rsjclark@msn.com.  Please include your contact number, full name, and athlete’s full name.

Please respond by March 12th.  Next steps will follow on March 14th for those who commit by March 12th.

Training Details:

Start Date: March 19th
End Date: May 30th
Frequency: 2 days per week (Tues & Thurs)
Times: 11-12:30pm
Cost: $99/month
Minimum Athletes Required: 20

After May 30th, any Athlete interested in continuing workouts at ATH will be able to sign up for the same price throughout June and July participating in ATH’s Student Athlete Program.  Details are available upon request at ATH.

Again, we need your commitment by March 12th.  We will send a next steps on March 14th to those who respond by March 12th.


Josh Beier
Athletic Director

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