Warrior Families!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s. I’m excited to begin serving your families and the entire organization this season as President. Thank you to the players, families and coaches that were able to complete the various end of year surveys. Your feedback is invaluable to ensure that TCW stays true to its Mission and is able to develop our athletes into Godly men and women. As a board we have already begun to address some of the feedback and the coaches will do the same at their Coaches Retreat later this month.

Last year was both a success and a year of continued opportunities to get better. On the fields and on the mats there is no doubt how competitive our football and cheer teams are. Though we intend to remain competitive in all we do we must focus and become “centered” on what’s most important for this organization and for our athletes and families. It’s as simple, yet also as challenging as looking at the most important part of our name. Or looking at the “center” if you must.

Tomball CHRISTIAN Warriors.

With the speed at which we are growing, continued Covid concerns, and transitions we know there will be challenges. We will continue to navigate those as best we can by always focusing on our why, the Kids and the goals of the organization. With the growth of our program we’re looking at a full season for all 3 of our football teams and as our cheer program continues to develop additional competitive opportunities may arise. This means the need for volunteers will continue to grow for our organization. We must take care of each other and we must continue to grow our organization with Christian families needing what we have to offer.


Our new family informational meetings are quickly approaching as is Registration for the new season. Please save and share the dates. We are confirming the location for the second meeting as well as the two registration meetings. We’ll work on updating the website and social media by the end of this week as well.

New Family Information Meeting 1 – Thur Jan 27th 7pm : Salem Lutheran Church in the Community Cafe

New Family Information Meeting 2  – Tue Feb. 8th 7pm : Location TBD

Registration Meeting – Tue Feb. 22nd 7pm: Location TBD

Cheer Registration Meeting – Tue Mar 1st 7pm: Location TBD (PS: We are having an open mascot tryout this year. This is open to either a male or female athlete. More information will be provided at the informational meeting)

It is important that ALL families both new and returning complete at minimum their “Registration” fees and paperwork at the registration meetings in February. This will ensure that we can have any uniforms, player packs, and equipment ordered and delivered in time for Spring Ball without incurring additional fees and costs.


We are still asking for prayerful consideration of individuals interested in the following roles, Vice President (voting Board Member) and Assistant Treasurer (staff position) (accounting or bookkeeping background required). The VP will be a two year commitment. The assistant treasurer would start training this year alongside the treasurer and take over in the following year.

The responsibilities of VP are below:

2.3 Vice President

2.3.1 Presides over meetings in absence of the President.

2.3.2. Point of contact and coordinator of the efforts of committees assigned to the Vice President.

2.3.3.  Carries out such duties and assignments as delegated by the President.

2.3.4. Coordinates all Parent meetings and Coach’s meetings.

2.3.5.  Oversees and coordinates advertising and publicity (school flyers, conventions, parades, open houses etc.)  This also includes the administration of the website (or coordination thereof) for the family engagement / marketing portion (registration documents fall under Communication Director).

2.3.6.  Appoints and oversees Merchandise Coordinator, if not done by self.

The responsibilities of Treasurer are below:

2.5. Treasurer

2.5.1. Record and Deposit all sources of funds for varsity and Jr. High Football & Cheer (revenue)

2.5.2. Record and Disburse all uses of funds for varsity & Jr. High Football and Cheer (expenses)

2.5.3. Establish a written procedure for the disbursement expense, preferably with a schedule.

2.5.4. Utilize accounting software and software for keeping digital copies of all information.

2.5.5. Reconcile accounts on a monthly basis

2.5.6. Prepare and present monthly reports of all Revenue and Expense to the Board for review.

2.5.7. Prepare and present an annual Budget of Revenue and Expenses to the Board.

2.5.8. Work with Certified Public Accountants in preparation of year-end financial statements, 9990 Tax Return.

2.5.9. Coordinate with the executive board to respond to any requests for assistance with financial hardship cases.

2.5.10. Point of contact and coordinator of the efforts of committees assigned to Treasurer.

If you are interested in the either position, please email me your Bio and a Testimony of Faith at President.TCW@gmail.com

I will forward your information to our committee who will present the candidates to the Board of Directors for a vote.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon.

God Bless,

Paul Resurreccion


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