About the Author: Claire Alderson

I interviewed, captain, eighth grader, and returning player, Santiago Marroquin about his pregame and postgame routines, hobbies, favorites, and more.

Claire: Do you have a pregame routine?
Santi: No, yeah I don’t.
Claire: Do you have a playlist for pregame?
Santi: Not really, I mean I’ll occasionally just listen to some music. I listen to like everything: country, pop.
Claire: What position do you play?
Santi: Middle Linebacker and Tight End.
Claire: What do you enjoy about those positions?
Santi: Middle Linebacker I really like, because you’re really like in the game and, you know, just blitzing, and you get a lot of tackles. It’s really, you know, it’s really fun to get a sack, and you can get happy and stuff. It makes everyone else happy.
Claire: How long have you been a part of TCW?
Santi: This is my second year. I played last year.
Claire: How did you hear of TCW?
Santi: From one of my friends, his name is Silas Rider. He played really well today [at the six grade seven grade game].
Claire: Do you have a favorite TCW related memory?
Santi: Might be like my first touchdown last year, on a kick return. It was a pretty good memory, my first touchdown.
Claire: What teammates stand out to you as good football players?
Santi: Probably Jeremiah Hernandez, Cole Cummings, Izahia [Carias], Dylan Frank probably.
Claire: Do you have any football nicknames?
Santi: Not really.
Claire: Where is your favorite place to eat postgame?
Santi: Honestly, I really like Fuddruckers.
Santi: Probably the Burbon Bacon Burger.
Claire: Do you have any hobbies other than TCW?
Santi: I mean I play baseball in the spring, but that’s about it. I really like cars. I like to work on cars.

Claire: What is your favorite color?
Santi: Blue, just like any type of blue.
Claire: What is your favorite school subject?
Santi: I mean I like math, but it can also be hard sometimes. I’m doing Biology this year. It seems fun, so probably one of those.

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