Dear TCW Family,

As we gear up for an exhilarating football season, we are thrilled to announce that ticket sales for our upcoming home games are now open! Your support through ticket purchases goes a long way in helping us offset critical expenses such as field rentals, officials, and other game-related costs that keep our games running smoothly.

Here are the details you need to know:

Ticket Prices:

  • Student / Senior / Veteran: $5.00
  • Adult: $8.00
  • Family Cap: $25.00 (For the whole family!)
  • *Game Day Volunteers on the field and TCW athletes, coaches enjoy free admissions.

2023 Home Game Schedule:

  1. 1. Home Opener/Grandparents Day (Grandparents FREE) – Week 1 – Friday 8/25 Tomball Christian Warriors vs KIPP Sunnyside Senators Location: Rosehill Christian
  2. 2. Salute to Service (Military/Veterans Free) – Week 3 – Saturday 9/9 Tomball Christian Warriors vs ACA Defenders Location: Rosehill Christian
  3. Go Texan – Week 6 – Saturday 9/30 Tomball Christian Warriors vs Lighthouse Christian Chargers Location: Atoka, OK
  4. 3. Pink Out/Breast Cancer Awareness (Cancer Patients/Survivors Free) – Week 8 – Friday 10/13 Tomball Christian Warriors vs Harmony School of Innovation Wildcats Location: Rosehill Christian
  5. 3. Homecoming (Alumni Athletes FREE) – Week 10 – Friday 10/27 Tomball Christian Warriors vs Legacy School of Sports Sciences Titans Location: To Be Determined

Purchasing your tickets not only guarantees your spot in the stands for electrifying games but also supports our mission to provide a dynamic and uplifting environment for our athletes and fans alike.

To secure your seats for these exciting matchups, please follow this [Ticket Link]. > Resources > Game Day Tickets

Livestream brought to you by TSBN Sports. 

Our official livestream is set for our Varsity games this season! We have received some donations that have allowed us to bring this to our families this season and we hope to continue to do so in the future. Not only will Christopher Tiller the President of TSBN Sports, be our live commentator, we will have many of our sponsors showcased online. This livestream is FREE to watch all of our games this season.

If your familiy and friends that are unable to participate enjoy it and want to help fund this in the future they can submit an individual or corporate sponsorship online. Donate to the livestream

Please note this is the official link and will be shared on our social media. It can also be directly accessed via our website. Every day we report, block and delete fake accounts and spam accounts that are trying to get you to go to their link. Please when you see them, block and report them. You can share this with all of your friends and family. Just know if you share for instance on Facebook you may be subject to receiving several spam accounts commenting. > Live Stream

Live Stream Link

Warrior Strong Campaign Update

We initially started discussions for the WarriorStrong Campaign prior to the beginning of last season. It didn’t quite go as planned but that hasn’t stopped our committe from continuing to do some legwork and be in constant prayer.

For more information you can go to our campaign page on the website.>Warrior Strong Campaign

To Donate > Warrior Strong Donations

The goal if possible would be to raise the money via Sponsorships and donations as opposed to putting the organization in debt. Our immediate goal is to begin raising enough funds to be able to engage a commercial real estate company to begin partnering with and then to raise the funds needed for purchase of the property.

As additional discussions take place we’ll continue to add additional information etc.

Please continue to cover all of this in prayer.

Board Opening

Our current Treasurer, Hal Bettis will be stepping down at the end of the month. We thank him and his family for the countless hours and dedication over the eyars to our organization. TCW is looking to fill the Treasurer Role in our Executive Board.  We are looking for someone who loves details but also engages with the parents during meetings, at games and events!  You will be the point of contact regarding athlete’s fees and coordinating the financial needs during events and games.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to have any Accounting experience because this position is all about communication and organization.  Due to the nature of some of the communication, a servant’s heart and discretion will be required. You will work closely with other Board Members with the financial aspect of their roles. We have a separate Asset Manager that will continue to work closely supporting the board, executive director and treasurer. If you are interested please send an email with you resume/bio and testimonial to Ryan Medlin, Executive Director at and Chris Teter, Vice President at

TCW Treasurer Handover Document (Rev. 08/17/23)


General Guidelines as a Board Member

       Board Members will be expected to attend at least 10 of 12 monthly meetings each year.

       Board will make every effort to have a board representative at all home games, practices, or competitions.

       Board Members will be encouraged to do everything possible by computer, e-mail, etc.  Google is the vehicle for this purpose.  You will have a treasurer email as well as a One Drive to work out of and share/receive documents.  This aids in transition to your successors and other board members.



2.5.1   Have knowledge of the Athlete Fee Schedule (Football / Cheer) and be able to communicate to parents during the Informational / Registration Meetings

2.5.2    Be the point person for Parent Communications regarding payment arrangements and outstanding balances

2.5.3    Gather and lead the Financial Aid committee (field requests and submit to Board Meetings)

2.5.4    Assist parents / coordinators with organization reimbursement procedures (i.e.  Kick-off party expenses, Blue and Orange Game, etc.)

2.5.5    Provide and manage Cash Boxes for all events (Understand organization procedures)

2.5.6    Provide assistance on the field with other Board Positions (Secretary:  First day of practice, Volunteer Coordinator:  Events, Game Day)

2.5.7    Game Day (all Football teams) financial coordination (Provide Cash boxes, obtain Referee paperwork for payments, collect Cash boxes afterwards)

2.5.8    Make deposits as necessary from events, games, or athlete balances.  Provide documentation for Asset Manager to record

2.5.9    Coordinate Spring Raffle with Volunteers and support where necessary

2.5.10  Provide Support for Fundraising and Sponsorship as assigned by VP or Executive Director

2.5.11  Provide Basic Financial Highlights at Board Meetings (Current Cash Status, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables)

2.5.12  Support Asset Manager obtaining purchase receipts, orders, etc. as needed on a timely basis

2.5.13  Point of contact and coordinator of the efforts of committees assigned to Treasurer

Asset Manager


2.5.1. Record and Deposit all sources of funds for Varsity and Jr. High Football

& Cheer (revenue)

2.5.2. Record and Disburse all uses of funds for Varsity & Jr. High Football and

Cheer (expenses)

2.5.3. Establish a written procedure for the disbursement expense, preferably

with a schedule.

2.5.4. Utilize accounting software and software for keeping digital copies of

all information.

2.5.5. Reconcile accounts on a monthly basis

2.5.6. Prepare monthly reports of all Revenue and Expense to the Treasurer so he/she can present to the Board for review.

2.5.7. Prepare and coordinate with the Executive Director an annual Budget of Revenue and Expenses to be presented to the Board.

2.5.8. Work with Certified Public Accountants in preparation of year-end

financial statements, 990 Tax Return.

        Assumes responsibility for all TCW finances. 

        Prepares budgets (and coordinates with each budget discipline regarding use of budgets). 

        Receive and Dispense TCW funds as approved by the Board.

        Issue and sign checks as directed by the TCW Board.

        Reports on status of TCW funds. 

        Keeps TCW books and financial records. 

2.5.9   Coordinates with Treasurer to ensure their success

2.5.10  Works closely with the Executive Director to evaluate overall financial health and goals of the organization

2.5.11  Works with AD and Cheer Director to secure necessary purchases within the given budget 

We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to celebrating the spirit of competition, teamwork, and community with you all.

Thank you for being part of the TCW family, and we can’t wait to see you on the sidelines!

Warm regards,

Paul Resurreccion

President, Tomball Christian Warriors

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday August 24 – 4pm and 6pm – TCW JH (away) at Second Baptist (home)

Friday August 25 – 7pm – TCW Varsity (home) vs KIPP Sunnyside (away) at Rosehill Christian School (Home Opener / Grandparents Day)

Thursday August 31 – 5pm – TCW JH (away) at The Kinkaid School (home)

Thursday August 31 – 6pm – TCW JV (away) at The Kinkaid School (home)

Friday September 1 – 7pm – TCW Varsity (away) at The Kinkaid School (home)

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