The week 2 NHFA rankings have come out and there were some notable surprises there. The Top 4 received a shakeup with TCW dropping 2 spots to number #6 after their 4 point loss to 4A Bishop.  Number 2 Georgia Force dropped 1 spot to #3 after their 7 point loss to Hayesville. In addition TCW gets added to the Lone Star Christian Sports Networks Small School Rankings for Week 2.

The new NHFA Rankings :

LSCSN Rankings:

Rankings have a funny way of working themselves out in the end, but this week’s rankings do leave some questions on the table. It appears we’re not the only ones asking the questions. One NHFA coach was messaged and asked how he felt about Tomball since they lost. His response, “um they lost to a 4A school by 4 points, they’re solid! 😂” 

Now it looks like a week 3 matchup between TCW and ACA have some additional Top 4 implications.

There’s definitely enough head to head action with the Top 7 Teams to shake things up with the exception of Georgia Force who does not play any of the Top Homeschool Teams.

1 Tulsa Noah still plays 23 HSAA Blue Angels, 6 Tomball Christian Warriors, 2 Lighthouse Christian Chargers, 11 Christ Prep Patriots and 4 OKC Patriots

2. Lighthouse still plays 9 Noblesville Lions, 6 Tomball Christian Warriors, 7 ACA Defenders, 1 Tulsa Noah, 4 OKC Patriots

3. Georgia Force – does not play any of the homeschool teams

4. OKC Patriots still plays 23 HSAA Blue Angels, 5 Dasche Spartans, 11 Christ Prep Patriots, 2 Lighthouse Christian Chargers, 1 Tulsa NOAH

5. Dasche still plays 18 HSAA Blue Angels, 4 OKC Patriots,  20 Atlas Rattlers, 6 Tomball Christian

6. Tomball Christian still plays 7 ACA Defenders, 29 Austin/Round Rock Crusaders, 2 Lighthouse Christian Chargers, 1 Tulsa Noah, 5 Dasche Spartans

Another rankings observer updated their rankings and saw that Lighthouse though they won, struggled against a team ranked in the 12,000s. When looking at his updated rankings he had the following:

  1. Tulsa Noah –  Natl Ranking 3202
  2. Lighthouse Christian – Natl Ranking 5709
  3. OKC Patriots – Natl Ranking 7486
  4. DASCHE – Natl Ranking 7760
  5. Tomball – Natl Ranking 7977
  6. Georgia Force – Natl Ranking 8713
  7. ACA Defenders – Natl Ranking 9927
  8. Osceola – Natl Ranking 10613

When looking at strength of schedule Tulsa NOAH and Tomball have two of the hardest schedules remaining. Tulsa Noah has upcoming games vs Morrison (Natl Rank 2720) and Kiefer (Natl Rank 3907) while Tomball Christian has Kinkaid (National Rank 349), Cypress Christian (National Rank 2768), Episcopal (National Rank 2768), Legacy School of Sports Sciences (National Rank 6190). must have fielded several questions around their rankings as well because they added an additional post to include their explanation. has been great in their coverage of homeschool sports not only in Texas but in regards to the NHFA’s top tiered teams.

One of the reasons why we moved Tomball Christian Homeschool into our Small School rankings is the fact that they played well against a UIL 4A team. Bishop is in UIL 16-4A, Division II.
The top five of the six teams below in the National Homeschool rankings played public high schools on Thursday-Saturday.
Tomball Christian’s opponent was the largest of them all.
#1 faced Morrison, OK – ADM 172.47
#2 faced Pierce City, MO – ADM 178
#3 faced Hayesville, NC – ADM 395
#4 faced Elmore City-Pernell OK – ADM 157.79
#6 faced Bishop, TX – ADM 549
When we rank, which can be challenging, our thoughts are always, “If these two teams played, who would win?” If you’re playing a quality team that is at a larger classification, where they could run numbers at a smaller team (and potentially wear their opponent down), and you win or do well, then we think it carries more weight than playing and beating somebody that you should.
Back before Dallas Jesuit went into the UIL, they’d play the type of schools that they do now (UIL 5A and 6A). We’d have them in the 1-5 range with a 2-5 record, and when questioned, we’d pose that question above.
Ranking is an art.
We’ll keep an eye on additional rankings and in season storylines..this week’s rankings will definitely get the juices flowing. It’s football season..It’s time to get to work.

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