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Our annual Blue and Orange game was a huge success this year! We had several events taking place in addition to the scrimmages. The dads showed off their ability to catch with a kickoff return competition and several of the high school moms showcased their throwing skills with a quarterback competition just for them. The crowd also cheered on the youngest Warrior fans as they raced through an obstacle course on the sidelines. Many TCW alumni showed up to watch the next generation of Warriors and give their support. On the sidelines, the Varsity, JV, and Junior High cheer teams each performed a cheer or a dance. The TCW organization is very thankful for all of the volunteers, coaches, and families that made this event possible. We couldn’t have done it without y’all!

Junior High Highlight Video

On the field, the Junior High football team showed what they have been working on during spring ball. The starting offense and defense played each other in the first half and the scout teams played in the second half. 7th grade QB Jaden Rollins led the white team and 8th grade QB Maddox Obregon led the blue team. Jaden completed more passes, but Maddox was more successful in the run game with several QB sneaks. The two teams were very evenly matched and only one touchdown was scored, with 8th grader Ian Stavinoha reaching the end zone on a run. The defensive line pressured the quarterbakcs all night, nearly forcing 4 interceptions. 8th grade lineman Henry Medlin led the team in tackles.

High School Highlight Video

The High School football team also took a turn on the field. They switched out different groups over the evening, allowing the scout teams and starting teams to play each other. The scrimmage started with the JV starting offense playing against the Varsity scout defense. Freshman QB Caden Alderson completed three passes and rushed for a first down. Freshman RB Daniel Abraham was the main source of rushing yardage, with freshman WR Luke Harrison also contributing in the run game. Luke scored at the end of the series and Daniel kicked the extra point.

The next two series featured the scout team offense, where they faced off against the Varsity starting defense and the JV starting defense. Senior WR Jackson Resurreccion got the series going with a kickoff return for a touchdown. The defensive line sacked junior QB Drew Harrison twice and helped force two interceptions, which junior OLB Caleb Harmon and senior OLB/RB Peter Zyblot returned for touchdowns. Next, the scout team offense played JV starting defense, where junior TE Cameron Frank and Peter Zyblot were impressive in the run game and sophomore MLB/RB Connor Burke scored a touchdown.

Finally, the Varsity starting offense played the scout team defense. Drew Harrison was 3 for 3 during this series, including a long pass to Jackson Resurreccion. Ezra Criswell scored a rushing touchdown. Senior K/WR Ethan Rice’s extra point attempt was blocked. Senior NG/RB Joe Cassidy ended the scrimmage with a rushing touchdown. Ethan’s extra point attempt was successful.

After the scrimmages were over, I interviewed Caleb Harmon about a player that stood out to him that evening, how the team has improved as a whole, and what his main goals are for the offseason, and more.

Ella: Are there any position groups that impressed you tonight?

Caleb: Definitely the ends. I know we had a lot of good ends last year and a lot of those senior ends last year taught up the defensive ends now and they are just crazy this year.

Ella: In what ways has the team improved as a whole during spring ball?

Caleb: Our confidence has gotten higher this year. Not too high to where we’re like “we’re gonna crush everybody”. Well we are, but we’re going to play smart.

Ella: Who’s a new varsity player that stood out to you tonight?

Caleb: Jeremiah Wilkins. Definitely Jeremiah Wilkins. He’s a good defensive end. He’s a really good player.

Ella: How has the team started to replace last year’s senior class?

Caleb: We’ve kind of already replaced them. I know they went recruiting, but like I said, the senior class last year helped us. I remember getting trained by Will Clark. He was a really big leader, he taught me a lot and he’s made me the man that I am today.

Ella: How do you feel that you personally have improved during spring ball?

Caleb: I think I’ve done pretty good but I feel it’s better for people have to talk about me than for me talk about myself.

Ella: What are your main goals for the offseason?

Caleb: I want to gain a lot of weight and still have my speed and get a little bit taller. Mostly want to gain some weight.

Caleb: This is a very common one. I forget where it’s at, but “as iron sharpens iron one man will sharpen another.” That’s the best one.

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