Warrior Nation,

Excitement is building and preparations are underway for what we hope to be another fulfilling and exciting season. Quite a bit of information as we are making final preparations for the season. If you’re like me you can’t wait to be out there. I’ve tried my best to be out on the field when possible to see our athletes get ready. This email will be a little longer because I’m so excited and want to make sure we get everything prepped and ready for the season. So please bear with me.

Some of our Flag Football veterans have already begun participating in their newest season. We can’t wait for our team and some of the new Warriors to join them in the Fall. Be sure to check out some of their games at the Farm League.

I’ve seen some great photos and videos (really neat when you tag us in your posts) of families at the first JH tryouts, 7on7 practices, Cheer Practice, Summer Training Camps, the gym and out and about in our community. I’ve had the honor of watching the Cheerleaders practicing for their tryouts together this week.  We can’t wait to have everyone together when Spring Ball starts in a couple of weeks. I’ve been so excited to get this season going.

Football registration remains open with Cheer Registration ending next week.  So don’t forget to share our Mission with those families you feel are looking for what our organization has to offer. Any football players that haven’t been sized should contact Stephanie Hill ASAP, as we have already made the main order for player packs and equipment. Many cheer and football families have registered in TeamSnap but have not completed the documentation portion of registration. Player documentation must be turned in or you will not be able to tryout/participate/play. If you need help let our Secretary, Lisha Alderson know at Secretary.TCW@gmail.com

In order to receive the documents via docusign you must register via TeamSnap and have paid at minimum the Registration Fee. Below are the items that need to be completed for each athlete.

Cheer – everything  (DocuSign, Physicals, Baseline Pre-concussion test) needs to be completed and submitted by April 5th.  All must be completed in order to participate in tryouts on April 6th. Football – everything (DocuSign, Physicals, Baseline Pre-concussion test, and birth certificate for new players)  must be completed and submitted by April 18th in order to participate in Spring Football.

There are many new faces and we expect some additions between now and Fall practice. There will of course be some familiar faces and we’re already missing some of those that have moved on to other chapters of their life. Regardless of where we are at in these seasons of life we hope that each of us can ensure that we always remember, once a Warrior, always a Warrior. Everything we say, do, share should be in the reflection of our Lord and to help keep TCW shining bright. Though we’re not perfect we continue to receive His gift of grace.

As an organization we are continuing to learn from the lessons of previous seasons and working to improve and address areas of concern. We will continue to work towards being what our families need and to serve Him in all we do. Recently, TCW met with some of the other Homeschool Organizations (Lighthouse Christian, Christ Prep, Cincinnati Landmark, Noblesville, Tulsa Noah, ACA Defenders)  of the NHFA about the future and possibilities for us all to work more closely. In those discussion it was determined that TCW is the current benchmark for how a successful, competitive organization can be run. They know it has not been without its challenges and that we face new opportunities to get better each year, but it was great to hear this from the other organizations that we compete with each year. This is a testament to the hard work previous board members, coaches, parents and of course athletes have put in place for us to build upon.

We shared some exciting news in March with some additions to TCW and we’re sure there will be more to come as we get closer to the season.

Band – we are looking for instrumentalist interested in coming together to create a small band for our team this season. If interested please contact Dean Rother at band.tcw@gmail.com

Gameday Reporter – We announced that Ella Hippel has joined us as TCWs first Gameday reporter. We’re looking forward to her recaps each week. We’d love for others interested in writing to join her this season. Especially for our JV and JH teams.

TCW Social Media Coordinator, Hype Video and Content Creator – We are please to announce that Jerel Resurreccion will be back this season with his amazing Hype Videos and will take on some additional responsibilities this season with our social media platforms and website.

Raffle and Silent Auction – Get those raffle items together and hit up some of your favorite local vendors. It’s Raffle and Silent Auction time. This is a great way to help offset some of the costs. I have two son’s participating and this has been a great way for them to take responsibility and ownership for some of the costs associated with them being a Warrior. Please see the communications from Kendra Rosenbusch and Kristin Morris for more info.

Upcoming Dates:

April 6th – Cheer Tryouts at SCA

April 12th – JH Football Tryouts 2 – Spring Creek Park

April 13th – First Cheer Practice at SCA

April 18th – High school Spring Ball Starts / Volunteer Training during Spring Ball

April 25th – JH Spring Ball Starts / Volunteer Training during Spring Ball

May 17th – Blue/ Orange Game at Rosehill

In the coming weeks we’ll have some additional announcements and we are still looking for the following resources for our Upcoming Season:

Mascot – We’re looking for the right person to become our Mascot this season. The Mascot will train and work with our cheerleaders and is open to both female and male athletes. You will be learning a lot of the cheers with the Cheer Team and be able to interact with all of the families at games during the season. If you know someone that is interested please have them contact our Cheer Director, Kim McDonald at CheerDirector.TCW@gmail.com

Vocalists – We need vocalists to sing the national anthem at our home games this season. If interested in auditioning please email our Athletic directors Stephanie Hill and Will Essner at athleticdirector.tcw@gmail.com and assistantad.tcw@gmail.com

Sponsors and Donations – We’re looking for individual donations and corporate sponsorships for the organization. You can send them to our website  ( https://www.tomballchristianwarriors.com/become-a-sponsor/ ) for more info or you can provide their contact info to our Executive Director, Hal Bettis at ExecutiveDirector.TCW@gmail.com

Volunteers – We have several needs for volunteers for games, events and committees, one of the most critical needs is our Water Coordinator. During Spring Ball we will have volunteer training for various roles from film, water duty, sidelines, chains etc. Remember, we function and are successful because all families volunteer for various duties throughout the season. Please contact our Volunteer Director, Monica Morales at VolunteerDirector.TCW@gmail.com to sign up. In addition, we will be working on finding some volunteer opportunities to serve our community this season. If you have a particular opportunity you would like us to explore please let us know.

Finally, I ask you all to continue to pray for our organization. Pray for our Leaders, Board Members, Coaches. Pray for our Warriors that have moved on. Pray for our athletes and that they may be covered in the Holy Spirit. Pray that we may all serve Him in all that we do on and off the field in our words and our actions. Pray for each other.

Warrior Family you INSPIRE me! And I am amazed by what I see you all doing and what we can become as a family! Thank you for all that you do.

May God continue to Bless us All,

Paul Resurreccion


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