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I interviewed senior Reagan Zbylot about his best play, what he’s looking forward to this season, and much more.

Ella: How long have you been playing football and how would you say that it’s influenced your life?

Reagan: So I have been playing football for three years. I started my sophomore year. I’ve always wanted to play and I grew up wanting to play. I actually live in Lufkin but we never had a homeschool team in Lufkin so I just never had the opportunity. My cousin Dawson played here his senior year and he told me about it, so I came down my sophomore year and I live with my cousins. So this is my third year playing. It’s influenced me more than I can describe with helping me become my own person, just kind of being away from my parents, helping me to become my own man and walk in my own relationship with Christ. It’s not my parents’ relationship but it’s my relationship with Christ and so in that way it’s just kinda helped me to just own my relationship with Christ and helped me grow in that.

Ella: What’s the best play you’ve ever made?

Reagan: I guess I would have to say last year because I got hurt I only got to play one full game really against Houston Yates. I blitzed off the left edge and just kind of came untouched and sacked their quarterback for like a twenty yard loss. I’d have to say that’s my best play. It was pretty hype because me and Truman got to celebrate and everything. Me and him were pretty tight so that felt good.

Ella: If you could play any other position, what would it be and why?

Reagan: I haven’t played a whole lot of offense lately, I’ve mainly played on defense, but I play tight end and slot on offense so I guess I can’t say that I’d rather play that position. Strictly for this reason, like, for trash talking… I think I would like to play corner so I can just really trash talk the receiver. That would be cool.

Ella: Do you have a pregame playlist and if so, what’s on it?

Reagan: Me and my cousins are usually coming to the game together. It’s black gospel music. You want to be focused on Christ before the game because that’s where you draw your strength from. And most people might think that’s not very hype but you’ve just never listened to black gospel music because it’s pretty good. It’s pretty hype.

Ella: What are you looking forward to most this season?

Reagan: Winning the Natty. Winning the National Championship probably. Just because we’ve gone twice and this will be our third year to go. I’m speaking that over it right now just because we’re going and we’re going to win it this time. Or beating Lighthouse. Also…well there’s a couple things. I got hurt in the Dasche game so I don’t like them very much. So I would look forward to beating them pretty good. So I’d say beating Dasche, beating Lighthouse and then winning the Natty. Winning the Natty first. Anyways, yeah, that was my three things.

Ella: After a game, where are you going out to eat and what are you ordering?

Reagan: Probably Whataburger, and I’d get a honey barbecue chicken strip sandwich and meal. And then with the meal probably like a chocolate milkshake or something. No no, a Dr. Pepper milkshake.

Ella: What are your goals for spring ball?

Reagan: It kinda sounds basic, but I just want to see the whole team improve, especially just execution-wise. Just for the offense to really start executing plays, everybody just to really know their stuff. And for the defense, just like a chemistry because defense, you know, you have schemes and different things. You gotta know your stuff too. It’s not so much memorizing plays but just having that chemistry to be able to work as a unit and then pushing each individual player to do their best. So that’d be it.

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