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On September 28, the Warriors Junior High battled Legacy Sport Sciences. The Warriors fought but were plagued by turnovers. Our Junior High’s defense played hard, and offense consistently moved the ball. The Junior High team persevered through this tough game.

Offensively, our players had a tough job battling against Legacy’s aggressive defense. Our offense put in great effort against their opponent. One of our offensive highlights was when Jayden Rollins threw a touchdown strike to Drake Olson, who leaped to avoid swarming defensive players. Receivers Charlie Harrison and Drake Olson led our offense throughout the game. We were able to effectively move the ball, but struggled with turnovers.
Our defense had a tough job containing the physicality, speed, and evasiveness of our opponent. Charlie Harrison and Izahia Carias led our defense. They pursued runners from sideline to sideline. Defensive End Cole Cummings harassed Legacy’s offense. Maddox Obregon intercepted a Legacy pass in their attempt to throw deep. Our defensive athletes showed a great Warrior effort.

The athletes played hard, but struggled against an our physical opponent. It was a tough game, but our team is always learning ways to improve. We pulled through with a better understanding. The athletes fought through out the game, but were unable to contain Legacy’s speedy offense.

I interviewed TCW Junior High’s starting Quarterback, Jayden Rollins.

Claire: Are you happy with how you played at the game?
Jayden: I think we could have done better, personally. I think we have a lot to work on as a team, and that’s what we’re gonna be working on throughout our bye week.
Claire: What would you like to work on, personally?
Jayden: Personally for me, I need to work on more footwork to get the ball out quicker.
Claire: What do you think you did well?
Jayden: I think I did well at looking and spotting receivers that were open and stuff like that.
Claire: What specific play do you think highlighted your skills the most?

Jayden: I think that the first drive touchdown pass to Drake [Olson]. I think that was the best play we had that game.
Claire: Who do you think excelled today at the game?
Jayden: I think Drake [Olson] worked hard that game. He did really well, and it really showed that game. He did well at receiving and catching the ball. Being a Tailback, you don’t really work on that during practice and so I think he did really well.

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