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I interviewed eighth grader, captain, and returning player, Jeremiah Hernandez for the fourth part of our Get to Know the Eighth Graders series. The interview features two new, reader suggested questions, as well as the usual list.

Claire: Do you have a pregame routine?
Jeremiah: Eat. I eat a lot of food before I play games.
Claire: What do you listen to pregame?
Jeremiah: That depends. I ether listen to some nice worship music or some heavy metal music.
Claire: What positions do you play?
Jeremiah: Offensive Right Tackle and Defensive End.
Claire: What do you enjoy about those positions?
Jeremiah: I just get to hit people. It’s fun. I love being a linemen.
Claire: How long have you been a part of TCW?
Jeremiah: Two years.
Claire: How did you hear of TCW?
Jeremiah: I think we found it online somewhere. I can’t quite remember, but I think it was like an ad or something. I really don’t know. I think it was online.
Claire: What teammates stand out to you as football players?
Jeremiah: This boy right here Silas [Rider]. Yes sir. Silas is amazing, honestly.
Claire: Do you have a favorite TCW related memory?
Jeremiah: Winning the championship last year. That was awesome.
Claire: Do you have any football nicknames?
Jeremiah: No. Oh wait, I’m El Capitán. That’s what they call me. It’s weird, and yes I know, but that’s what they call me.
Claire: Where is your favorite place to eat after a game?
Jeremiah: Double Dave’s. Double Dave’s is where we always hang out at.
Claire: Do you have any hobbies other than football?
Jeremiah: Yes, music. Music is like my next thing. I play drums, piano, a little bit of guitar and bass but drums and piano are my main instruments.
Claire: What is you favorite color?
Jeremiah: Purple.
Claire: What is you favorite school subject?
Jeremiah: Math. I love it.
Claire: What do you love about football?

Jeremiah: It’s an American sport. The bigger you are, the better it gets. I don’t know something about it just feels like home to me. I love it.
Claire: What do you love about your team?
Jeremiah: My bros. They’re my homeys. I can be myself around them. I can injure them. Just kidding.

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