About the Author: Claire Alderson

On October 21, the Tomball Christian Warriors fought in a violent battle against the Dasche Spartans for an epic homecoming game. On Offense we struck fast, and scored many times. The Warrior Defense was effective in shutting Dasche down after only one touchdown.

Overall, we fought hard and had a great game. Offensively, we cranked out touchdown after touchdown, thanks to a skilled Quarterback and several athletic receivers. Early in the game, Quarterback Charlie Harrison threw a 30 yd. pass to Santiago Marroquin, after which we inched closer to the end zone in several runs by Charlie Harrison. That drive was finished by a short run up the middle by Cole Cummings.

Harrison then capped it off with a 2 pt. conversion. After TCW’s first touchdown, Dasche quickly responded with a touchdown of their own. However, we fired right back with a touchdown pass from Harrison to Dylan Frank, and a 2 pt. conversion by Cole Cummings. Later in the second quarter, Harrison threw yet another touchdown to Drake Olson, making the score at halftime 20 to 6. In the second half, we slowed down, but did not cease scoring. James Abraham advanced the ball in a 14 yard pass. This was followed by a rushing touchdown from Charlie Harrison to Maddox Obregon. Towards the end of the game, Drake Olson ran long for the final touchdown of the game, after which Harrison ran for the 2 pt. conversion.

Defensively, we made a tough stand against our opponent. Defense was led by Izahia Carias, Santi Marroquin, and Jeremiah Hernandez. Maddox Obregon also had significant impact by having several key tackles, and effective pass coverage. Santi Marroquin forced a turnover on downs with a sack. Drake Olson intercepted the ball, which gave our offense the opportunity to score. In the first half of the game, after Dasche scored once, our Defense kicked into high gear preventing any later attempts to score.

In the Warriors’ fierce battle against Dasche, the Offense shined and the Defense was effective. We scored repeatedly, showed fierce determination, and fought hard. This game demonstrated continual improvement from our first game. The final score of our homecoming game was Warriors 36 to Spartans 6. We had an exciting, fun game to celebrate TCW’s homecoming.

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