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The Tomball Christian Warrior’s sixth and seventh graders fought a hard battle, showing determination against Second Baptist’s seventh grade team. In this game, our team’s younger players had their chance to play a more significant role on the field. We continued to show progress. This was our highest scoring game against a solely seventh grade defense.
Offensively, the Warriors scored twice, once on a 43 yard pass on fourth down. On our first touchdown of the game, Quarterback Jayden Rollins threw the ball to Asher Howard, who evaded their competitive defense, caught the ball and ran into the end zone. Drake Olson fought for hard earned yardage, including a 16 yard run, a 13 yard run, and caught a 15 yard touchdown pass. During the game, Quarterback Jayden Rollins turned a broken play into a 12 yard gain. In addition, Charlie Harrison ran the ball multiple times. On special teams, Asher Helm recovered an onside kick. The Warriors fought to move the ball, and had our highest scoring game of the season.
Defensively, our determined athletes fought and saw improvement, but were unable to prevent Second Baptist’s seventh graders from scoring four touchdowns. Many of our defensive players had great individual highlights. Jackson Gordon and Asher Howard both recovered fumbles, causing a change of possession. Maddox Obregon had a pass deflection. Jackson Gordon had a sack. Throughout the game, defensive players Jackson Gordon, Charlie Harrison, and Christian Teter tackled the ball carrier for a loss of yards. Twice, we were able to solidly stop Second Baptist on a fourth down.
The sixth grade and seventh grade game was a chance for younger players to continue learning in a real game environment. With that goal in mind, we did extremely well against a team of seventh graders. The final score was 26 to 13. Although we lost, we gained both necessary repetition and helpful insight for our next game.

After the game I had a chance to interview a seventh grade starter, Charlie Harrison.

Claire: Are happy with how you played at the game?
Charlie: A little bit.
Claire: What would you like to work on?
Charlie: Getting lower on my tackles.
Claire: What do you think you did well?
Charlie: I ran the ball a few times, and then I got a few tackles.
Claire: What players do you think excelled at the game?
Charlie: Drake and Jayden.
Claire: What did they do that excelled?
Charlie: Drake and Jayden had some very key plays that helped us get the points.
Claire: What specific play do you think highlighted your skill the most?
Charlie: Probably when I had like a 15 yard run.

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