About the Author: Claire Alderson

I interviewed Christopher Hill, about his pregame and postgame routines, favorites, and more

Claire: Do you have a pregame routine

Chris: Eat food

Claire: Do you have a playlist for pregame?

 Chris: I mean I just listen to whatever, just whatevers on at the time

Claire: What position do you play

Chris: Corner or receiver. Thats about it

Claire: What do you enjoy about those positions?

 Chris: I get to sometimes catch the ball and sometimes tackle

Claire: How long have you been a part of TCW

Chris: For as long as I can remember. I didnt always play for them, but I was always here

Claire: Do you have a favorite TCW related memory

Chris: I mean I caught a football once

Claire: How did you hear of TCW

Chris: I was like a tiny child and then my mother was like, Were going to football,and then ! went there and it was TCW everywhere

Claire: What teammates stand out to you as good football players

Chris: Jayden (Rollins), J.T. (Jackson Thomas), and Fisher [Horton

Claire: Do you have any football nicknames

Chris: Last year I did, but this year I dont

Claire: What was last years nickname

Chris: Last year was CSpeed

Claire: Where is your favorite place to eat postgame

Chris: Double Daves

Claire: What do you order? Chris: Pizza 

Claire: Do you have any hobbies other than TCW

Chris: I do some American Ninja Warrior, yeah thats about it

Claire: What is your favorite color

Chris: White, because it has all the colors in one, except for black, and grey

Claire: What is your favorite school subject

Chris: In school? Math.

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