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Last week the Junior High Warrior football team had two games: a Home Game against Kincaid on Thursday, and one against ACA on Saturday in Lafayette. At both games we put in great effort and saw improvement. Thursday’s game was our first home game and featured the season’s first touchdown. On Saturday, we scored another touchdown, and at both games, our defense played well.
On Thursday, we had our first home game. On offense, we saw significant progress including the first touchdown of the season on a 80 yard, 13 play, drive. That drive included completions from Quarterback Jayden Rollins, to Charlie Harrison, Maddox Obregon, and Drake Olson. The drive was capped off by a 1 yard touchdown run by Cole Cummings.
Defensively, the Warriors played hard, and showed impressive grit. They were led by a group of hard-hitting linebackers, Santiago Marroquin, Izahia Carias and Charlie Harrison. Defensive Ends, Jeremiah Hernandez and Jackson Gordon, contributed greatly. Jackson Gordon deflected 2 passes, while the entire Defense Line made it a struggle for Kincaid’s Quarterback.
Even with their quick turn around, the Warriors showed great determination against ACA in Lafayette. On Saturday, the first half was a defensive battle in which neither offense was able to move the ball effectively. As the game went on, both teams were able to score, ending in a close battle. Offensively, we had a 70 yard touchdown, in which Maddox Obregon caught the ball at the 50 yard line, which was thrown effectively by Jayden Rollins, and out ran the defense. Maddox played extremely well during this game. He able to find open spots in defense, caught the ball, and proved
difficult to tackle while in open space. Our passing game showed continued progress.
Defensively, our line had continued pressure on the ACA Quarterback. We continually prevented them from scoring. Maddox Obregon forced a fumble that was recovered by Dylan Frank. The defense pressured the quarterback, and sacked him several time. Several of the sacks were executed by Jackson Gordon, Santiago Marroquin, Cole Cummings and Cannon Pelton. Sadly, at the ACA game we had two injuries. Cannon Pelton broke his arm, and Santiago Marroquin has an ankle injury.
The Junior High team has seen continuous improvement, but lost both games. The final score for the Thursday game against Kincaid was 32 to 8, and the final score against ACA was 8 to 6.

I interviewed Captain and eighth grader, Izahia Carias after the Kincaid game.
Claire: How do you think you played tonight?
Izahia: I think I played pretty good, but coverage wasn’t that good.
Claire: What play in particular do you think highlighted your skills?
Izahia: The one where they almost got a touchdown, but I…I hit them.
Claire: What you personally want to work on for the next game?
Izahia: Our coverage.
Claire: What other player do you think excelled today?
Izahia: Santiago.

I interviewed Captain Maddox Obregon after the ACA game.
Claire: How do you think you played today?
Maddox: I feel like we played good as a team. We played great on defense. On offense, we need to get back in shape. But otherwise, we played great as a team.
Claire: How did you play personally?
Maddox: Me personally, I think I played good. There is definitely room for improvement for me.
Claire: What play do you think highlighted your skills?
Maddox: Definitely when Jayden threw a touchdown to me towards the end of the 2nd half.
Claire: What would you like to personally work on for the next game?
Maddox: Personally, just footwork as a receiver so I can get open on the field and score more touchdowns.
Claire: Who is one player that you think excelled today?
Maddox: I think Jayden did great today as a quarterback. He trusted in his throws and he was able to make it down field and he ran a few times. I am proud of him and I think he did great.

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