About the Author: Claire Alderson

I interviewed eighth grader Kavin Holland for the fifth part of our Get to Know the Eighth Graders series.
Claire: Do you have a pregame routine?
Kavin: No.
Claire: What do you listen to pregame?
Kavin: Have you ever heard of McGordan?
Claire: What positions do you play?
Kavin: I play Right Guard, Left Defensive End, and I might be playing Deep Snapper soon.
Claire: What do you enjoy about those positions?
Kavin: I like Right Guard because it really helps me with my feet, Defensive End because it helps me with my speed, and Deep Snapper doesn’t really help with much of anything.
Claire: How long have you been a part of TCW?
Kavin: My older brother has been here for five years, so I guess five years.
Claire: How did you hear of TCW?
Kavin: We just moved here, and Payton [Holland] wanted to do football. We were going to start doing homeschool, so my mom started looking around.
Claire: What teammates stand out to you as football players?
Kavin: Izahia [Carias] most definitely. He’s very good with his hands and he knows how to tackle well. Another person is Cannon [Pelton], even though he’s out I think. He was one of the first real guys to stand out to me.
Claire: Do you have a favorite TCW related memory?
Kavin: No, not really. I don’t really have a favorite memory. I’ve enjoyed all of it, mostly.
Claire: Do you have any football nicknames?
Kavin: No, not yet.
Claire: Where is your favorite place to eat after a game?
Kavin: Probably Cane’s.
Claire: Do you have any hobbies other than football?
Kavin: I have quite a few hobbies. I like to draw. I play the guitar. I like to cook
Claire: What is you favorite color?
Kavin: Blue
Claire: What is you favorite school subject?
Kavin: Probably science.
Claire: What do you love about football?

Kavin: Having friends.
Claire: What do you love about your team?
Kavin: I like how they lift up each other. I like how if someone’s dragging behind they’ll slow down. That helped me a lot. They’re all just really nice. I know if I need them to stand up for me, they would. If they needed me to stand up for them, I would.

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