About the Author: Claire Alderson

I interviewed eighth grader Cole Cummings for the eighth part of our Get to Know the Eighth Graders series.

Claire: Do you have a pregame routine?

Cole: No. Since I’ve been playing for five years, you just kinda don’t even think about it. Your brain can be thinking about what ever you want it to. Your body does what you want it to. It’s a subconscious knee-jerk reaction type thing, for me.

Claire: What do you listen to pregame?

Cole: Billy Joel sometimes.

Claire: What positions do you play?

Cole: Linebacker and O-Line.

Claire: What do you enjoy about those positions?

Cole: Well lets just say I don’t like O-Line. Anywhere on defense works for me, but I’m at Linebacker ‘cause it helps me release a lot of anger and aggression I have all the time.

Claire: How long have you been a part of TCW?

Cole: Not even a year.

Claire: How did you hear of TCW?

Cole: I don’t know. We just got on to Google and looked up football teams, Christian football teams and TCW was like, “Hey!” And I was like, “Ok! Sounds good.”

Claire: Do you have a favorite TCW related memory?

Cole: One practice when I knocked Jeremiah [Hernandez]’s guts out.

Claire: Do you have any football nicknames?

Cole: Oh my gosh the list goes on. Coal Train, Hammer, Dr. Pepper and that’s about it.

Claire: Where is your favorite place to eat after a game?

Cole: Panda Express.

Claire: Do you have any hobbies other than football?

Cole: Airsofting.

Claire: What is you favorite color?

Cole: Red, I guess.

Claire: What is your favorite school subject?

Cole: There’s only one subject in school and it’s football.

Claire: What do you love about football?

Cole: It lets me get rid of a lot of pent up anger and aggression that I have all the time.

Claire: What do you love about your team?

Cole: That they actually want to be there. Playing with Noah for four years then coming to TCW, was really refreshing.

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