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Interview with Junior High Cheerleader Head Coach McDonald

Recently, I was able to interview the Junior High Cheer Team’s Head Coach, Coach

Claire: How long have you been the Junior High Cheer Head Coach?

Coach McDonald: Probably three years

Claire: How did you hear of TCW?

Coach McDonald: My daughter, Emily. When she going into the seventh grade, she wanted to cheer, and she looked up TCW and found out all about it and got involved.

Claire: What are you excited for this season?

Coach McDonald: I’m excited to see all the different teams do their best to excel and to see how they glorify the Lord in all that they do, even in cheer.

Claire: What are our goals for the Junior High cheer team this season?

Coach McDonald: To be rockstars!

Claire: What is the team working towards?

Coach McDonald: The Junior High team is working to do more advanced stunts.

Claire: What are the next steps towards that goal?

Coach McDonald: The next steps would be to get are extensions down and then go into lib extensions.

Claire: Will those be included in our halftime performance?

Coach McDonald: If we get them there.

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