About the Author: Claire Alderson

I met with the head coach of the Junior High Head Coach Watkins and asked him about captains, expectations and more.

Claire: What are you looking forward to as the head coach?

Coach Watkins: For the season, I want to see the junior high players really just become better football players and learn the fundamental techniques and be a real sound fundamentally strong team at the end of the season.

Claire: Who are the captains?

Coach Watkins: The captains are Jeremiah Hernandez and Izahia [Carias] for the linemen, and for the speed warriors will be Santiago [Marroquin], and it will be Maddox[Obregan].

Claire: What did you look for in a captain?

Coach Watkins: We’ve really looked for leadership qualities, who can take direction well, and be able to build teamwork and camaraderie, and lead by example.

Claire: Who would you say are players to watch for this season?

Coach Watkins: We have two new ones we’re really excited about: Drake Olson, and Cole Cummings, and also Maddox Obregon. They’re ones to look for.

Claire: Are you happy with the progress we’ve made since the start of the season?

Coach Watkins: For the returning veterans, yes, but the sixth graders and our new seventh grade players, I really look forward to them being more confidant and hitting harder.

Claire: How do you think we’ll do in our scrimmage this week?

Coach Watkins: I think our offense is going to do a good job executing plays. As long as our defense can tackle, we’ll have a good scrimmage. Defensively, our guys are getting in the right positions. We just have to finish up with tackles.

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