About the Author: Claire Alderson

On September 15th, the Tomball Christian Warriors showed a fighting spirit against the Hitchcock bulldogs. Our Junior High’s defense played hard, and offense consistently moved the ball. The Junior High team persevered through this tough game. This game has shown the team’s consistent improvement from the beginning of the season.

Offensively, Jayden Rollins handed off to Drake Olson several times, grinding out tough yardage. Early in the game, we had a 26 yard pass completion from Jayden Rollins to Maddox Obregon, followed by a 7 yard completion to Fisher Horton. Later in the game, James Abrahams
recovered an onside kick, kicked by Jace Robbins. Asher Howard caught a 20 yard completion from Jayden Rollins. Immediately after that, Jayden threw a 13 yard completion to Drake Olson. We were able to effectively move the ball, but struggled with turnovers. Our passing game has shown continuous improvement.

On defense, our athletes showed great effort. The Hitchcock Bulldogs were able to scoreon their first possession. However, our hard nosed defense stopped their attempt on 2 point conversion in a tackle by Izahia Carias and Jeremiah Hernandez. Later in the game, Izahia Carias forced a fumble when he ripped through the line on a linebacker blitz. The fumble was then recovered by Jeremiah Hernandez. Our defense played hard and consistently swarmed the ball carrier.

The final score was 36 to nothing. The athletes battled through out the game, but were unable to contain the Hitchcock offense. We fought hard in this strenuous game. It was a tough game, but our team is always learning ways to improve.

After the game, I had the opportunity to interview returning player, eighth grader, and captain, Jeremiah Hernandez.

Claire: How do you think you did personally?
Jeremiah: Today I thought was probably one of my best games I’ve had so far, even last year. I thought I did really good personally, so yeah.
Claire: What would you like to work on for the next game?
Jeremiah: I’d say speed and aggression. I just gotta get more aggressive. I gotta get my speed up, get my endurance up.
Claire: Who do you think excelled today at the game?
Jeremiah: Drake [Olson]. Drake did an awesome job today, man

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