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Ella: How long have you been playing football and how has it had an impact on your life?

Timothy: This is my fourth year with the Warriors and fourth year playing football. It’s not really the sport that’s impacted my life rather than the coaches and the people. I’d say Coach Criswell definitely has had a huge spiritual impact on me. I’m gonna be honest and say I was not in a good place before I started playing football. Coach Criswell brought me back.

Ella: What’s the best play you’ve ever made?

Timothy: If I’m being honest I don’t know. Probably one tackle that I made; can’t remember who it was against, I just remember getting past the line and tackling the quarterback.

Ella: If you could play any other position, what would it be and why?

Timothy: Probably running back. I used to be able to run the ball well. I can see stuff as it’s happening whenever I’m able to look at the entire field rather than focusing on one person.

Ella: Do you have a pregame playlist, and if you do, what’s on it?

Timothy: I do have a pregame playlist; I call it my hype playlist. Mostly just Christian rap like KB, Mineo, Lecrae. That kind of stuff.

Ella: What are you looking forward to most this season?

Timothy: Probably being in a position that the younger kids look up to. I’m excited for the chance to be able to impact them the way I’ve been impacted here.

Ella: After a game, where are you going out to eat and what are you ordering?

Timothy: After a game I’m going home and I’m ordering dinner.

Ella: What is your main goal for the offseason and how do you plan to achieve that goal?

Timothy: My main goal is getting my knee back to 100%. I’ve got physical therapy I’m doing. My secondary goal is getting stronger in any way I can. Mentally, physically.

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